"... and since
it's permanent,
it needs to be

Call Carl
Clarkson for
a good test
of endurance.

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stone job
stone job
stone fitting

Idaho Style

"We've lived our WHOLE life in this beautiful state, and it takes the proper methods and the proper patterns to do it justice ..."



and we've been around enough construction sites to appreciate the value of high standards!

stone repair needed

Loose, falling stones like these NEVER happen to us and should NEVER
happen to you!
Permanent bonding
standard of ours.

With a little planning, and an eye toward symmetry and style ...

... we can turn hard work into something fun.

Beautiful stone pays off handsomely!

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makes a difference

carl clarkson

"We admit we love to show off our work because textures, colors, mortars can all be coordinated very nicely to show off the sturdiness of the brick or the stone, and it's worth every effort!" -- Carl Clarkson